Recalling my LIBF 2016 Experience

It was a heck of a journey going on a road trip with my high school best friends for the first time. And it was also my first time to drive the fam car without my parents. Nervewracking!

Imagine my excitement the morning I woke up that Saturday. Skies are clear, meaning we can expect seeing afternoon flight of the balloons.

I met with Karen, one of my high school friends, so we can buy something to eat on the way. Then, we met with Justine, Joyce, and Margarette. And off we go!

For a Saturday, I am so hyped because of the fact that we are going out of town and I will finally see some big-ass hot air balloons! My childhood self will be so happy.

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Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015


You’ll think, “What does she mean about ‘beyond the bad things that happened?'” The things that happened to me before and during the trip made me think that the decision to go is wrong. But the overall experience is a very memorable one.

We were to be picked up at Pioneer on 3:00am. I slept over Kezia’s (my best-est friend since college) apartment so that we can meet our friends together. Around 3 am we met with the van service and went our way to Zambales. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015”

My Travel Grade is D!!!

There is a belief in the Philippines about nunal (moles) that there is a corresponding trait wherever the mole is in your body. I was told that my mole on my left toe means that I am gala or eager to travel every time (which is so true, no matter how near or far from home).

So I saw this Lakbayan sort of app from Mikyu, a travel blogger I follow. I am so fascinated with it and tried marking the places I have been before. Most of my travels are with my family, and a few with friends.

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