Quote Lyric Book Post #36

PEACE. Such a fleeting word that we aim to achieve in this age. It is not easy to determine whether we have peace in out life. In relation to this, I read somewhere a story about peace that caught my attention.

Indeed, having peace is having God and trusting Him in the course of our life. Giving Him the steering wheel to direct is in what we should be doing in our life is the best thing we can ever do to achieve peace.




Copperplate diary: Practice with Pangrams

Hello! This is a very late post regarding my practices in writing with pointed pen. Read along!

At the beginning of my journey in learning Copperplate, I was weary that I might be doing the strokes wrong. I looked up on youtube tutorials, pins on pinterest, and even google-d e-books that teach Copperplate. Also, keeping tracks on the calligraphers I follow on instagram, too.

Upon looking in flourish forum threads, I saw a suggestion of pangrams that can be used to practice. Then I stumbled upon this site (dailypangram.tumblr.com) where I based some sentences for practice.

Here are my outputs:


(1) One whole page written with pangrams using walnut ink and Hiro 40 nib


(2) Pangrams written using DIY ink and Hunt Imperial

As you can see, the letterforms are so far from perfect and the majuscules are simply unacceptable yet (I was to use the term hideous, but I don’t bully myself like that). But there are still lots of days and I can still improve this!

Will post again about my copperplate journey in a few days!