Plan With Me!!! July 11-17, 2016

Hello, everyone! Finally, I made a plan with me post here! Yay! I wanna share with you how I did this starry inspired spread.

What’s fun about it is I MADE A TIMELAPSE VIDEO AND UPLOADED ON YOUTUBE! I’ll be talking about creating a youtube channel in an entirely different blog post, but I’m still figuring out things and have so many ideas on my head that I can’t really work well (lol).

Nonetheless, here’s the timelapse video link: Continue reading “Plan With Me!!! July 11-17, 2016”


A new hobby

Hello, guys! It’s been months since I posted something here. It’s really hard to be juggling a day job and my small shop plus the blog. But I’m trying my best in here!

In relation to that, and because of one unusual gift (from the boss), here I am, finding myself in an all new hobby, which is planner design.

The main culprit of this new hobby (lol boss sorry) is this beautiful Ever New/Forever New Sophie large planner in pearlized blush. It’s not really visible in this photo, but the holes in the cover design show the simmery fabric beneath it. So cool! By the way, this is also equivalent to A5 size Filofaxes and Large Kikki.Ks.

(In all honesty I was eyeing those pastel colored Kikki.K planners but this is a gift so… Who says no to gifts?)

I pretty much DIY-ed almost all contents in my new planner. FYi, this planner came with its respectful day inserts but I personally did not like the layout so I decided to find printables on Pinterest and Google for my inserts.

Here’s the inside of my planner. I got those dividers in a thrift store near the Antpolo Cathedral for just PHP10. Customized it with some of my few washi tapes and as of now, two of them have their markings already. I have yet to fill this planner with this I’d like to track.

First divider (yes, pink) contains the main planner pages.

Photo quote from Pinterest


MO2P printable from


WO2P printable from


Blank (still) month spread, and my first week of April spread.

The week’s theme is Sakura, because cherry blossom posts are everywhere. Springtime!


Notes printable from

The notes section of my month spreads serves as a scrapbook-like part where I document random things during the month it’s in.

Next divider contains some of the original planner inserts that I am planning to use. Gotta keep track of everything!

Will try to post my weekly spreads to share with you. Hopefully I can make time for everything.