Quote Lyric Book Post #36

PEACE. Such a fleeting word that we aim to achieve in this age. It is not easy to determine whether we have peace in out life. In relation to this, I read somewhere a story about peace that caught my attention.

Indeed, having peace is having God and trusting Him in the course of our life. Giving Him the steering wheel to direct is in what we should be doing in our life is the best thing we can ever do to achieve peace.




Plan With Me!!! July 11-17, 2016

Hello, everyone! Finally, I made a plan with me post here! Yay! I wanna share with you how I did this starry inspired spread.

What’s fun about it is I MADE A TIMELAPSE VIDEO AND UPLOADED ON YOUTUBE! I’ll be talking about creating a youtube channel in an entirely different blog post, but I’m still figuring out things and have so many ideas on my head that I can’t really work well (lol).

Nonetheless, here’s the timelapse video link: Continue reading “Plan With Me!!! July 11-17, 2016”

Quote Lyric Book Post #35

Two weeks, I finished reading this book. In all honesty I thought I can relate with Violet, but it is Finch’s point of view in the story that I see myself as.

Truly this quote is a very intimate one for me, because in our life, we cannot please everyone. Hopefully people see us more on the good side.

This life is a very complicated one, and I hope we can enjoy this ride.

Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015


You’ll think, “What does she mean about ‘beyond the bad things that happened?'” The things that happened to me before and during the trip made me think that the decision to go is wrong. But the overall experience is a very memorable one.

We were to be picked up at Pioneer on 3:00am. I slept over Kezia’s (my best-est friend since college) apartment so that we can meet our friends together. Around 3 am we met with the van service and went our way to Zambales. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015”

I decided to go out of my hiatus status.


After two weeks of being in hiatus, I decided that I will fight whatever is bugging me lately.

It was never easy to choose what I want to do. I planned my future beforehand, hoping that this day I already have landed a career in the corporate setting. During high school, I used to have another blog (which I eventually deleted) and I was so active with the campus paper. I dreamed of being a web/graphic designer.

Then came choosing time. I was scared that I may not be able to earn with my dream. So I chose Accountancy. Turns out, I really never liked it, resulting to my failure in qualifying for the next half of the course.

I felt so devastated by this, thinking my plans are ruined. I was crushed by that incident.

The following months were agonizing. I hoped that I would die after I finish college, and end my sadness.

During these times, I am really lost.

Looking back, I was sure before graduation that I wanted to change my life. The transition from that incident helped me pick myself up and be someone who is strong enough to handle things. That’s when art became my companion.

Lettering, calligraphy, photography, and sketching became my go-to hobbies when I wanted to clear my head about things. It makes me calmer and more focused on things.

Fast forward to this day. As I said in my previous post, I needed some break because (1) finding a job is not easy, and (2) I feel like I am pressured to have a job already because of my younger sister who is currently employed.

I have always prayed that I may have the answers to the questions I have, and that may God give me a sign whether or not I should focus on finding a job or take my time. In reality, I am so afraid of what’s going to happen to me. I worry a lot about the future.

But God’s only answer to me was the book of Joshua, that teaches me to not be afraid. I may have made mistakes in the past, one thing God constantly tells me is that He loves me for who I am, and I should love my brothers and sisters like He does.

For now, I am going to continue the things I love to do, and give it all up to him.

Thus, I am breaking my hiatus status and will be back to share things with everyone here in my blog.

Explaining a month-long hiatus from blogging and DIYs and Lettering/Calligraphy

Just got home tonight from today’s activities. This day is one of my “white lie” days, TBH. I always have these times whenever I feel lost about my life. I’m just afraid of what my mom will tell me.

In this blog, I am always sharing my endeavors in DIY and Lettering and Calligraphy. But as the month of May started, the posts stopped, because of our family reunion/summer outing and me continuing to find a job to finance these hobbies of mine. (I love to collect books and scarves too, mind you)

But in each day that I wake up, I feel like my room: a very disorganized place. I always ask myself frequently, “Am I doing the things I’m supposed to do? Should I be myself and continue doing what I love to do, or find a job already?”

What added to my dilemmas is the fact that my sister found a job faster than I did. (She graduated last April and I last December) I can also feel that my mom is so giddy about me having my job too. #pressured!

I know, I know. Many elder acquaintances told me to take a rest and relax before entering the workforce. But I feel like I’m going overboard with that. What should I do?!

This time, I feel somewhat down about the things happening to me today. I am continuously praying that I could find myself already and be able to be who I should be.

And for that to happen, I decided to take a month-long rest from my creative world. Meeting new friends online through my hobbies is fun, but I now think that I should give back first to my family for all the things they have done to me.

Copperplate diary: Practice with Pangrams

Hello! This is a very late post regarding my practices in writing with pointed pen. Read along!

At the beginning of my journey in learning Copperplate, I was weary that I might be doing the strokes wrong. I looked up on youtube tutorials, pins on pinterest, and even google-d e-books that teach Copperplate. Also, keeping tracks on the calligraphers I follow on instagram, too.

Upon looking in flourish forum threads, I saw a suggestion of pangrams that can be used to practice. Then I stumbled upon this site (dailypangram.tumblr.com) where I based some sentences for practice.

Here are my outputs:


(1) One whole page written with pangrams using walnut ink and Hiro 40 nib


(2) Pangrams written using DIY ink and Hunt Imperial

As you can see, the letterforms are so far from perfect and the majuscules are simply unacceptable yet (I was to use the term hideous, but I don’t bully myself like that). But there are still lots of days and I can still improve this!

Will post again about my copperplate journey in a few days!