2016 Journal Journey – My Visual Journal

If you are following my instagram feed, I began journaling late April this year. At first, it was an experiment if I can keep up documenting the things that happened in one day. To be honest, at that time, I was so inspired by Abbey Sy and her artworks.

Six months after, I am still journaling, but now in multiple notebooks for different purposes.

Below are the journals that I use.

  1. My Visual Journal – This is my everyday journal, where I dump all daily experiences (mostly at work and hobbies) and I lay it out in a page dedicated to that day.
  2. My “Kalats” Journal¬†– This is where I do the journaling with the photos, stickers, washi tapes, and magazine cuttings or ephemera.
  3. My Personal Diary РThis notebook is where I put out my deepest thoughts and emotions, especially when I feel extremely happy or sad.

And in this blog post, I will show some of the snippets that I had for my visual journal.

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