Quote Lyric Book Post #36

PEACE. Such a fleeting word that we aim to achieve in this age. It is not easy to determine whether we have peace in out life. In relation to this, I read somewhere a story about peace that caught my attention.

Indeed, having peace is having God and trusting Him in the course of our life. Giving Him the steering wheel to direct is in what we should be doing in our life is the best thing we can ever do to achieve peace.




Quote Lyric Book Post #35

Two weeks, I finished reading this book. In all honesty I thought I can relate with Violet, but it is Finch’s point of view in the story that I see myself as.

Truly this quote is a very intimate one for me, because in our life, we cannot please everyone. Hopefully people see us more on the good side.

This life is a very complicated one, and I hope we can enjoy this ride.

Quote Lyric Book Post #29

Life has been teaching me this lesson the hard way. I was always the person who planned my life so that I may achieve things.

Come the table turner event of my life during college, which left me devastated, and made me realize that I cannot really control things.

Lesson learned: Live in the moment and just let things happen, but be prepared at the same time.

Calligraphy Diary: Zig Pen Meet 2015

Hello, everyone! I just want to share what I experienced during the Zig Pen Meet last June 27.


For one, I arrived late for the event because I also have church responsibilities that day. So I only watched 4/5 of the demos. But still, it was an enjoyable experience.

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A Recap: The Quote Lyric Book

In Tumblr, I am so diligent in posting pages from this small notebook that contains song lyrics and quotes from books/movies/TV Shows/people.   I started the Quote Lyric Book as an effort to further improve my still basic calligraphy skills. Having only the internet and my handy iPad as my companions (I never had any formal tutorial/knowledge about calligraphy), to practice, I search the basic strokes and do letter practices (which will be in a different post) whenever I have free time. So I thought, “How can I further improve aside from practicing strokes? Aha! I shall write at least a sentence or phrase everytime I practice!” Thus, the creation of this practice notebook.  

Some of the pages I have shared from my Quote Lyric Book

The notebook I use is an unlined venzi journal I bought at National Bookstore. What I love about it despite the thin pages is that the ink does not bleed through (like my Muji notebooks). I’ll still be posting Quote Lyric Book entries, so watch out for that!