Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015


You’ll think, “What does she mean about ‘beyond the bad things that happened?'” The things that happened to me before and during the trip made me think that the decision to go is wrong. But the overall experience is a very memorable one.

We were to be picked up at Pioneer on 3:00am. I slept over Kezia’s (my best-est friend since college) apartment so that we can meet our friends together. Around 3 am we met with the van service and went our way to Zambales. Continue reading “Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015”


Thinking of turning this into a photog blog

Lately I have been practicing my photography skills, and I am getting addicted? I think? Hahaha! Thinking of turning this into a photography blog, but will still try to post things other than photos. Hehehehe.