Quote Lyric Book Post #36

PEACE. Such a fleeting word that we aim to achieve in this age. It is not easy to determine whether we have peace in out life. In relation to this, I read somewhere a story about peace that caught my attention.

Indeed, having peace is having God and trusting Him in the course of our life. Giving Him the steering wheel to direct is in what we should be doing in our life is the best thing we can ever do to achieve peace.




Quote Lyric Book Post #35

Two weeks, I finished reading this book. In all honesty I thought I can relate with Violet, but it is Finch’s point of view in the story that I see myself as.

Truly this quote is a very intimate one for me, because in our life, we cannot please everyone. Hopefully people see us more on the good side.

This life is a very complicated one, and I hope we can enjoy this ride.

Quote Lyric Book Post #34

Been a while! Missed doing calligraphy and crafts!

This quote is from one of my faves, After You by Jojo Moyes.

Been almost a week after I quit my day job. I don’t want to share anything because it is not really my thing, but this experience taught me that we should not base our worth from what others think of us, or from a certain event in our life.

My friend shared a certain video on facebook about self worth, and it made me tear up because of the negativity that welled up in me the past few months. I am reminded that I am my own person, and that I should always approach everything with kindness.

‘Til the next!

Quote Lyric Book Post #33

For a week, I play only David Archuleta songs on my Spotify. The songs suddenly reminded me of my high school days (always stopping everything at 9:00pm to watch the latest episode), losing the bet to my then boyfriend (who voted for David Cook, ugh), and singing to his songs. 

This particular song (disclaimer: I wrote the wrong lyric. Sorry Archie!) has a hidden space in my heart because I just feel good everytime it plays.

And I can’t confirm this more, but he’s the only one who can make me feel kilig by just singing. Ah, my teenage days. Haha!

‘Til the next page!

Quote Lyric Book Post #31

The second half of the year is only less than 90 days done, and the Lord has blessed me plentily.

Looking back, I was an irritable, angry wench, and I was very unsure of what is going to happen to me. If I could go back earlier this year, I am going to slap myself and encourage me to strive more.

The months that went made me realize that I should be grateful no matter what happened. God will always be there for me, and He will never leave me.

And hey, have I told you that saying thank you even in the simplest act of kindness can make you feel good?

Quote Lyric Book Post #30

Hello! Been a while since I posted in my blog. It has been a whirlwind since September started, and I just also began being a corporate “slave” (lol). 

Anyway, sharing you a quote related to the things that has happened to me from last month up to today.

Even if I am almost a month in ny first (ever) day job, it is still surreal that I am now in front of a desk, typing and writing and email-ing stuff related to the job. But of course, the big responsibility of having to always report on time, obey immediate superior’s orders, everything related to work, will always be there to remind you the real world.

I can still remember the time when I first fell in love, first had a very big victory in a contest. All my hormones are just raging (esp. adrenaline) and I can’t sleep! This is why I chose to use this quote to remind me of all the things that happen to me when I work and pray hard for them.

Quote Lyric Book Post #29

Life has been teaching me this lesson the hard way. I was always the person who planned my life so that I may achieve things.

Come the table turner event of my life during college, which left me devastated, and made me realize that I cannot really control things.

Lesson learned: Live in the moment and just let things happen, but be prepared at the same time.