Well, hello there! And thank you for stumbling on my blog. Cheers!

I am Ailah Kathrina, a post-teenage human residing in the equally crooked but beautiful country of the Philippines! I’m currently torn between pursuing freelancing or going back to the workplace while managing this online diary of sorts.

I created this space at first as a dumpsite of experiences and events I go to. After some time, I realized I wanted to do a blog where I can show the world the things I love to do and what I can share.

On another note, I love to waste time on watching youtube videos, spazz on all beautiful artworks and inspirations on the interwebs, sit on a corner of a coffee shop to read or spend some time on creating my own artworks.

I dream of traveling on my own in the near future. As of now, the farthest I’ve gone is Davao City, but I plan to explore more places to fuel my desire to be in other places.


Lemme know what you think!

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