Recalling my LIBF 2016 Experience

It was a heck of a journey going on a road trip with my high school best friends for the first time. And it was also my first time to drive the fam car without my parents. Nervewracking!

Imagine my excitement the morning I woke up that Saturday. Skies are clear, meaning we can expect seeing afternoon flight of the balloons.

I met with Karen, one of my high school friends, so we can buy something to eat on the way. Then, we met with Justine, Joyce, and Margarette. And off we go!

For a Saturday, I am so hyped because of the fact that we are going out of town and I will finally see some big-ass hot air balloons! My childhood self will be so happy.


As we arrived, we are welcomed by kite flyers because it is sort of windy in the event area.

As we entered, we are surprised by the amount of people inside! There are so many! It is obvious that this event is really a good one.


There are food carts (priorities lol), souvenir shops, and other activities for the event goers.



However, we are not able to be graced by a flying hot air balloon in the afternoon, as there is something with the wind and inflation of the balloons. The balloon pilots are kind enough to have some balloons inflated, though.


We stayed a bit until the evening, waiting for Bamboo’s performance. I forgot to mention there were also musical performances and mini games in the event.

It is almost Bamboo’s turn to perform when it started to drizzle. We were lying on the ground while waiting, so imagine how we ran toward the vehicle to start our ride home.

The experience is very good, even though, admittedly, I lacked planning for this. But surely, there will be another one like this, and we promise to go early in the morning.



2 thoughts on “Recalling my LIBF 2016 Experience

  1. Wow! What an experience. I know how it feels to drive the family car without your parents — it really is nerve wracking. Haha! Amazing photos and what an amazing experience. 🙂


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