Travel Diary: Anawangin Trip 2015


You’ll think, “What does she mean about ‘beyond the bad things that happened?'” The things that happened to me before and during the trip made me think that the decision to go is wrong. But the overall experience is a very memorable one.

We were to be picked up at Pioneer on 3:00am. I slept over Kezia’s (my best-est friend since college) apartment so that we can meet our friends together. Around 3 am we met with the van service and went our way to Zambales.

We arrived at San Antonio around 7am, where we bought some food and drinks for our weekend stay in the island. 8am we arrived in Barangay Pundaquit, then boarded a boat to Anawangin Cove.



Let’s take time to appreciate the clear water and corals.

As we arrived, our guides set up tents, and that’s where I enter. I helped set up a tent, our sleeping tent, actually. (which is super cool! another thing ticked off my bucket list)


The sandy campsite with some locals.

We settled down for an hour or two before going to the beach and exploring the place. Harmon wants to go hiking to have a view of Anawangin just like the pictures that we saw online.


My friend Enzo stepping up his selfie game.


Before the hike, photoshoot muna! Haha! P.S. I placed my camera on a rock with a flat surface. Hacks!


The breathtaking view! It’s worth the broken strap slippers and heavy breaths while going up the hill.

If you know me personally, you’d know that I LOVE SUNSET VIEWS.
L-R: (top) Harmon, Kezia, Norman (bottom) Rina, Me

The thing I liked the most about going to this place is NO CELLPHONE SIGNAL. You can really enjoy the scenery and the company you have. The only light during the evening is from your bonfire (you can buy wood before coming to the island, or buy at nearby stalls on the island, or pick up branches of trees in the campsite) or the stars.

In the evening, we went ahead to prepare our breakfast for the following day, set up our bonfire, and have casual talks and drinks before bed.


The next day, after breakfast, we set off to see another island (Camara Island). The tour guides asked us to only stay for 30 minutes in Camara, because our boat had unfortunately hit a coral reef.


Camara Island’s sand is more loose and coarse, so it is harder to walk in! But the total experience is so fun, and I was able to take a group photo complete with me in it, thanks to the big rocks around.

The guys posing with the sandbar as the background.

A sandbar welcomed us at the back of the island. I am so overwhelmed and felt kilig feels while watching two waves meet.

We were so stoked in the island, we did not realize time flew. Suddenly, it was time to go back again to the daily grind of urban Manila.

Travel Takeaways

  1. Preparation is key. ALWAYS.
    I am such a crammer when it comes to almost everything. It is important to spend a few hours of putting up a list to pack and making sure all essentials for the trip are in it.
  2. Get enough SLEEP before your trip.
    Nothing beats a good night sleep. The only mistake we had is that we are not able to rest enough to refuel ourselves for the activities we had.


Looking back at this trip, it’s so much fun and a bit of a learning experience. To be honest, I was used to have my mom prepare everything for my trip. But now, I learned to pick the clothes I want and important things to bring.

Such great experience, and I can’t wait for another beach trip!



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