W R I T I N G  layout ideas for a bookmark set I’ll launch in the shop
L I S T E N I N G  to One Direction’s Made in the A.M. album
T H I N K I N G  of my dream Southeast Asia trip. (Cambodia, I want you!)
S M E L L I N G  the pen cleaner (because I am cleaning some of my nibs)
W I S H I N G  for a productive night
W E A R I N G  a very comfy pink pajama
L O V I N G  the thrill of entering a small design contest for a book club (my competitive self is satisfied lol)
W A N T I N G  to have more time for my hobbies and for myself
N E E D I N G  to lessen being a workaholic
F E E L I N G  ecstatic with the music I’m listening to
Xian Nian Kuai Le! It’s almost Chinese New Year in Manila, and as a person being mistaken as a Chinese (always), I tend to act like one and read about forecasts and horoscopes for my zodiac. It says I need to take rests and vacations from work, and that I will find love this year. Ha!
All I wish this year is to be healthy and blessed with happiness. And I wish that all of you be prosperous and successful too!
The idea of Sunday Currently came from this blog.


Lemme know what you think!

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