Hello, 2016! What I’ve been up to, and what I plan to accomplish for the year

Hello, everyone! January’s almost over, and I am yet to write this post! Ha!

2015 had been a whirlwind of events to me, good or bad, rainy days or dry. Too much happened that I lost track of, but the year has made me a little bit of a better version of myself.

Upon looking back, I realized that my day job has taken over my life since I started it. Long travel hours in the evening, only to arrive at home feeling groggy and tired, getting my mom constantly annoyed because I can’t get myself to eat dinner after work, and the fear of criminals when payday comes.

But the Lord keeps taking care of me wherever I go (yes, I can feel that!), and for that I am always thankful.

With the promise of a beautiful future, I made a TO-DO LIST for the whole year. Included are the things I love to do, and some things to try. Having enumerated these things, I am hoping that I can make the most of this year.

  Writing in a journal and keeping up with activities thru my planners

If last year is the year of calligraphers and lettering enthusiasts, this year, I believe, will spark more people getting interested in journal writing/planner design. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you have a pen and planner/journal.

What made me get into this is because, aside from my hobby of writing, I’d like to have a physical reminder of the things I did. I even jokingly call my journal a physical blog.

Planners, however, became a hobby of mine since I started drinking Starbucks. Yes, I am a guilty sosyal aspirant before. But as time passed, I realized the importance of having my activities planned, especially now that I have a day job.

  I have separate planners for my work, personal, and for my small business and blog.

Rekindling with my reading habits

I have been reading ever since I learned. It is like a core of my life. When I began my job, I made it a vow of buying new books to read. However, my job demanded most of my time, and all of my hobbies were just put aside.


 Look at all these books I haven’t finished, not yet half of all unread. Ha!

In connection with the above activity, I included a reading time before my sleep. I’d rather finish more books than have more hours of sleep. loljk.


Trying out different restaurants and food

Current addiction: Churros.

Two things I am so thankful that I inherited from my parents are food and travel. Most of the time, we travel on land, and sometimes we try new food and restaurants.

 This year, I plan to do a checklist of all the restaurants in Metro Manila’s food streets so I can see and try each one.


Going out for travel and adventure

2015 has blessed me with adventures and roadtrips worth remembering. Me and my family also started 2016 with a very fun trip to our fave destination in Quezon. Having down time to travel really keeps me up my game and serves as another way of learning things.

Also,  travelling to different places remind us of the beauty this world has.
So that’s how I plan to make my 2016 to be, and I will be sharing with you all the special things that will happen to me this year!


Lemme know what you think!

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