September Wishes

September Wishes

I love September! Basically, this is my birth month, and as everyone’s birthdays come near, we have a set of wishes that we want to be realized, may it be a new gadget or toy, ticket to a movie or some place, or anything that we really want to have for that day.

Should this be posted last week (as planned, but no), this would have contained a list of thingy-majigies (e.g. gadgets and material things, etc.) that will make me happy for some time (but will get tired of it after some time).

Maybe the laziness to post this on time is a blessing-in-disguise. Last Saturday, I attended a seminar in our parish in accordance to Year of the Poor. This seminar taught me of things that should really matter: to be a blessing to the people who are needy, and realize the things that we should do to live a meaningful life.

Here’s my new wishes for this month:

1. I wish to give more to the people around me.

To be totally honest, I have been an introvert since forever, and circumstances make me more than eager to not interact with them (well, except friends). The seminar made me realize that these people need the most attention and we should not just turn a blind eye on that problem. How are we going to help them if we wouldn’t want to even interact with them?
2. I wish to be a more thankful and humble version of myself everyday.

When I was in college, my mindset is that everyone has their own work to do, and they need to make it right all the time. So imagine me when the train has to suddenly stop because of what I call “operator stupidity” and when school guards halt students no wearing their IDs.

Another lesson the seminar taught me is that people don’t only do their work because “they have to”, but because there is a deeper reason behind it. A jeepney driver has to sacrifice sleep and a dinner with his family to earn more money to feed them, a nurse extends her shift because the nurse after her has called in sick. There is an act of kindness behind every people’s homest toil. So let us thank them for doing their work.


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