Thank you, August!


Contrary from the common idea that August is the ghost month, this month has given me blessings and lessons that I will truly treasure.

Thank you for the chance to meet my relatives from the US, especially my grandmother. My grandma and my aunties decided to take a month long vacation in the province. It’s been so many years since I last saw my grandma. She is like my long lost BFF that I missed talking to. Although she was reluctant at first that I’m the same granddaughter who used to accompany her before, I am so glad that I met her again.

Thank you for making me improve on my driving skills. It was like five or six months since I got my driver’s license, and I am now able to drive dad’s car anywhere! (sans long drives) I know I still need to improve some things I do when I drive, but this month, I was able to face my fear of driving in the roads of Manila, to brave the traffic that makes any motorist a green skinned monster, and to go places that I am adding to my Philippine travel checklist.

Thank you for reminding me of my brain child. The Wandering Lass Designs, my so-called brain child, may have received its peak this month, with different book loving clients loving my ideas and bookmark outputs. Even though I am confused with what I really want to do in my life now, I don’t want this to drift away and be forgotten.

Thank you for the unending lessons of being thankful and giving. I am always bringing the things I learn anywhere I go, and share them as much as I can.


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