Travel Diary: Throwback my 2014 Davao Trip


Throwback Thursday! I am sharing my Davao trip last 2014 with you all because I want to travel again, yet I can’t because of some reasons.

Without further ado, let’s start reminiscing this adventure!

Day 1 (March 31) The departure time was 2:00pm. We all agreed to meet in the airport so that we can check in together.

Travel Throwback: Davao 2014

Came around 4:00pm, we arrived at Davao. The plane ride left me a bit dizzy, but maybe that’s just because it was the first time I rode a plane after eight years.

Our friend Ate Irish (who lives in DVO) met with us shortly after, then we went to their house, dropped our things and headed outside for dinner.


Now here’s where I tell you that Davao City is safe even at night. After dinner, we watched a movie, then went to a bar, chilled a bit, then we decided to stay in a budget hotel for the night. The streets of the city proper were almost empty, there are street lights anywhere you look, and the people hanging out that time of the night are kind enough to give us directions. No worries, and we finally booked a room and slept in the remaining darkness.

Upper portion (left-right): Ate Jov, Yosh, Ate Irish, Eydee; Sitting: Me

Day 2 (April 1)

Because Eydee is a famous Filipina Wattpad writer, it was included in our itinerary that we hold a small meeting with her readers residing in Davao.




Everyone is very sweet and eager to talk, even though there is a language barrier between us. Enjoyed the day with you, girls!

Day 3 (April 2)

The third day is allotted for the BEACH! I’ve been hearing good comments about the beaches near the city. So we went to Isla Reta resort in Talicud Island.


Through a boat ride, we proceeded to go to the beach resort Ate Ish is taking us.


Before we proceed, let’s appreciate first the crystal clear beach water.


After we alight the boat, a tourist-y photo first!


Photos do not do justice with the beauty of the beach. In my opinion, this beach is better than Boracay because the trees are nearer to the shore, so you can choose to hang out by the beach without having the tan you’re avoiding.


Me doing my usual beach thing: seashell gathering!

We stayed to the beach for the whole day and night. The night part is my favorite because we stayed on the sand just talking about things and enjoying the sound of the waves.

Day 4 (April 3)

We totally enjoyed the night at Talicud Island. Sadly, we have to leave early in the morning to go explore Samal Island.

To tour around Samal, we hired two habal drivers. We spent the morning and noon roaming around the island.


Here’s a photo of us with the famous Pearl Farm resort in the background.

Lunch time came, we bought takeout food and we ate at Tagbaobo falls.


Tagbaobo falls is a hidden waterfall in the island. What I love about it is that the water is always cool even under the scorching sun.


Photo op before we enjoy the water!!!

Side story: Ate Jov lost one of her flip flips because it was taken away by the current. One of our habal drivers kindly took the effort and found Ate Jov’s flip flop. Thanks again, kuya!

We stayed until around 3pm, then we came back to Davao City proper.


Bye, Samal! Next time ulit!


In the evening, we proceeded to watch Diary ng Panget. Honestly, I am so loving Davao not only because of the safe streets but also the cheap movie ticket prices.

Day 5 (April 4)

Day five is the chill time. We did not go anywhere else in the morning, because we are also prepping for a sleepover at another friend’s (Alana’s) house.


When we arrived at Alana’s house, she took us at the backyard where there is a river nearby!


In the evening, we bought some hotdogs and marshmallows and barbecue sticks. Backyard bonfire, it is!


After we grilled some, we came back in the house and watched Divergent. Sorry, girls, I slept early!

Day 6 (April 5)

The last day of the Davao trip! Sadly, we have to go back to Manila. I aim to go back again some other time! There are more places I haven’t been yet!

Thanks for keeping up with this adventure! I aim to go to more places this year!


Lemme know what you think!

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