The Love for Japanese Stationery

My Arsenal: Japanese Stationery

I remember growing up in afternoon anime shows and TV weekends. Yes, I am such a couch potato since forever! Lol. Kidding aside, those anime series and some shows about Japan made me love the country and the culture more!

During college, I found myself going to malls with Japanese thrift stores (Daiso, Japan Home Centre) and just buy the heck I want there, which are mostly stationery and school supplies. I get giddy whenever I enter any thrift store!

Upon cleaning my work space for the nth time already this week, I realized that most materials I use for my type activities are made in Japan! So I thought I should share to you those I own!


IMG_6996 IMG_6999

These are the pens I use for my hand lettering/brush lettering projects. Little did I know that the Uni pins were originally from Japan the first time I bought one. Brush pens? I am currently loving Kuretake Fuebiyori brush pens, and those ere the ones I can afford as of now (lol)



Most of my Japanese notebooks are from Muji. I also have one from Daiso. I love those notebooks because I can use them for pointed pen calligraphy and not worry about the ink bleeding.

TIP: When looking for notebooks at Daiso, get the notebooks with Made in Japan and NOT Made for Daiso.



I only trust Japanese materials when I look for cutters and scissors. You can find these in Daiso or National Bookstore. Just look for those packages with Nihonggo words on them, or just look for Made in Japan in the package again.


If you have other Japanese brands I haven’t tried, just comment it here! I want to expand the materials I have!


Lemme know what you think!

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