My Travel Grade is D!!!

There is a belief in the Philippines about nunal (moles) that there is a corresponding trait wherever the mole is in your body. I was told that my mole on my left toe means that I am gala or eager to travel every time (which is so true, no matter how near or far from home).

So I saw this Lakbayan sort of app from Mikyu, a travel blogger I follow. I am so fascinated with it and tried marking the places I have been before. Most of my travels are with my family, and a few with friends.

Here are the list of places in the Philippines I have been already:

1.    Baguio
My first time here was on 2008, where my family visited my cousins who live and study there. I wasn’t able to properly document the times I went there, so I plan to make a legit blog post (even if Baguio’s widely known already. I just love going back.)
2.    Cagayan
Ilocanos, unite!!! Yes, I am a pure Ilocano (my parents are both from this province) and during my childhood, I was a fluent speaker of the dialect. Now, I’m not so good at it but I still understand conversations.
Last summer, we held a family reunion (headed by me and another cousin). We discovered the beautiful Nangaramoan Beach, a white sand beach at the edge of Luzon. My Cagayan trips are all memorable, and since it is where my parents came from, it will always have a place in my heart.
3.    Cavite (Tagaytay and Alfonso)
Being someone who studied in a public school during my primary school, Tagaytay has always been in our educational tour itinerary. I cannot really remember how many times I have been in this place. And in 2012, as a part of OWWA EDSP Scholars, we had a team building at Alfonso. Here are Day 1 and Day 2 of that activity.
4.    Ilocos Norte
My fave longganisa is from here so I am adding this to my list! Lol. My uncle (father’s side) lives in San Nicolas and my aunt (mother’s side) lives in Laoag. I may have been going in this place, but I still haven’t discovered the more famous travel spots like the windmills and Pagudpud. That will be for another time.
5.    Laguna
From Antipolo, you can travel to Laguna for an hour or two, depends on what road you are taking (SLEX or thru Tanay). We toured my other uncle and his family in Pagsanjan during their vacation six years ago, and it was our parish’s itinerary during last year’s visita iglesia.
6.    Pangasinan
Our Lady of Manaoag and San Fabian’s beache are our frequent go-to here in Pangasinan. Also, included in the tour we have given my uncle (from the Pagsanjan trip) is a trip to Hundred Islands.
7.    Quezon
Being the religious family we are, it was a yearly plan that we go to Lucban (specifically in Kamay Ni Hesus) to offer thanksgiving by climbing up the grotto. Also, this is where the first major blessing in my life happened. My first time here was during my primary school for a campus journalism event, where I won second place at a category, and took me somewhere else in the country.

1.    Aklan (Kalibo and Boracay)
Imagine my happiness on the first time I boarded a plane. Was a part of Region IV-A’s delegates for a campus journalism event held in Kalibo. The contest was the main reason we were there, and the Boracay trip was a bonus! Sadly, my camera that time broke, and I wasn’t able to capture more pictures. Planning on going back there someday!

1.    Davao
       I bugged my dad to allow me go to Davao. I really don’t know why he agreed, but he did. Haha. It is another trip that I was with friends, and it is memorable because there is a mix of embarrassing and fun moments. I also made new friends there. And yes, it is true that Davao City streets are safe even during nighttime. Believe me.


Having tagged these places, I was graded D by the app! Meaning I should really get my butt out of my thinking chair and explore more places!


How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!
Created by Eugene Villar.


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