Mixpermient with my Fudebiyori Brushpens

Mixperiment with Fudebiyori


During the Zig Pen Meet last June 27th, I learned a trick on using Clean Color Brush pens (thru Ocean Chelle) by mixing them both and making this gradient-ish effect.

Yellow and Purple Fudebiyiori brushpens
So I decided to use my yellow and purple Zig Fudebiyori brush pens for this crazy experiment. With the thrill and fear that my brush pens will be damaged (or not), I delved in!

I mixed the colors by brushing the purple to the yellow.

Then I tried to write using the two. The yellow one looks like it has brown-ish gradient. Turns out the purple one has got some of the yellow too.

Now you’ll ask me: “How am I going to use it again? The yellow will never be the same again!”

That’s what I also thought about before I started this. But fret not, there are no problems after!

I let the brushes set overnight (because I was sleepy when I did this experiment TBH) and the morning after, here are the brushes! Magical, right?


Tried writing both pens individually. Look. At. That. They are in perfect condition and the colors are just like before I did this experiment!

If you also use Fudebiyori brushpens, let me know if you also tried doing an expermient like this!


6 thoughts on “Mixpermient with my Fudebiyori Brushpens

    1. Thanks! That’s great to hear! Seeing those thick downstrokes and fine upstrokes are just therapeutic to me!

      I just like to stress out that the pens I used are from Kuretake Zig. I really don’t know if the other brands are like this. Let me know how you’ll use yours!


    1. Thank you! I think the key to everything good is just practice and patience! Believe it or not my handwriting now is different than before! Just practice and you will eventually see your progress, too! 🙂


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