Calligraphy Diary: Zig Pen Meet 2015

Hello, everyone! I just want to share what I experienced during the Zig Pen Meet last June 27.


For one, I arrived late for the event because I also have church responsibilities that day. So I only watched 4/5 of the demos. But still, it was an enjoyable experience.


The demo that I was able to catch first was of Richelle Macapagal (@oceanchelle on instagram). She showed how to use the Kuretake Water Brush and Zig Clean Color. What I liked about the demo is how she mixed two Clean Color brush pens to create a gradient effect in coloring.


After her demo, the stage were taken on my Ms. Mayumi and Ms. Eriko (if I remember right). Ms. Mayumi delivered her welcoming speech and showed us a clip on how Kuretake started as a producer of Sumi ink sticks up to being one of the well-known pen brands in the world.


Ms. Eriko had her demo on Kuretake’s line of art punchers (good for scrapbooking) and embossing pens.


The next demo was of Ate Fozzy Castro-Dayrit (@thefozzybook on Instagram) and she showed us pointed pen calligraphy. She also enlightened us on ink control, choosing the first nib, and tips for storing and taking care of our pen nibs.


Patrick Cabral’s (@darkgravity on Instagram) demo was about gothic calligraphy. He showed us some tips on how to create the letterforms.


Last demonstator for the event is Ate Anina Rubio (@aninarubio on Instagram) featuring the Zig Brush Pens. She showed us how we can do different styles using the Zig Brush Pens.

11692806_10204955696079785_14638868_n 11653246_10204955695199763_1422541911_n

Pre-event demos were also happening near the registration area. Different calligraphers were there to show the attendees their skills, and give some tips and tricks too.


Physical takeaways from the Zig Pen Meet.  Hoorah!!!
Physical takeaways from the Zig Pen Meet. Hoorah!!!

I learned a lot during the pen meet. I am so lucky to be able to talk to Ate Fozzy and Ate Drew (@calligrafikas on Instagram) about calligraphy and watercolor. Ate Fozzy advised me to maximize the use of my straight holder (since I am a leftie) after I asked about the use of straight and oblique holders. Ate Drew explained the differences of the use of water color brands, and told me to just play around the colors.
It was such a blast that this pen meet happened. Thanks Zig Philippines for hosting this wonderful event! To more pen meets!


Lemme know what you think!

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