Explaining a month-long hiatus from blogging and DIYs and Lettering/Calligraphy

Just got home tonight from today’s activities. This day is one of my “white lie” days, TBH. I always have these times whenever I feel lost about my life. I’m just afraid of what my mom will tell me.

In this blog, I am always sharing my endeavors in DIY and Lettering and Calligraphy. But as the month of May started, the posts stopped, because of our family reunion/summer outing and me continuing to find a job to finance these hobbies of mine. (I love to collect books and scarves too, mind you)

But in each day that I wake up, I feel like my room: a very disorganized place. I always ask myself frequently, “Am I doing the things I’m supposed to do? Should I be myself and continue doing what I love to do, or find a job already?”

What added to my dilemmas is the fact that my sister found a job faster than I did. (She graduated last April and I last December) I can also feel that my mom is so giddy about me having my job too. #pressured!

I know, I know. Many elder acquaintances told me to take a rest and relax before entering the workforce. But I feel like I’m going overboard with that. What should I do?!

This time, I feel somewhat down about the things happening to me today. I am continuously praying that I could find myself already and be able to be who I should be.

And for that to happen, I decided to take a month-long rest from my creative world. Meeting new friends online through my hobbies is fun, but I now think that I should give back first to my family for all the things they have done to me.


Lemme know what you think!

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