Calligraphy diary: Brush Pens

Hello! This post will tackle about the mighty brush pens that I possess and my review about them. I am not a really good commenter (I even suck at blogging ORZ), but I’ll try my best to describe these pens when at my use.


L-R: Pigma brush pen, Marvy Le Plume II , Local brushpen (forgot the brand), and Zig Fudebiyori metallic green


Sorry for the blurry photo. A closer look at the brush tip of these pens. The Pigma has the finest tip, and the Marvy hass the opposite (for the lack of term lol).

As for the testing, I wrote the same phrases to test the flexibility of the tips. Here are the scanned pieces:

(1) Written with the Pigma brush pen


As you can see with the blurry picture of the tips, the Pigma boasts of its fine upstrokes. The only problem I have with brush pens is controlling the upstroke after the downstroke, and this pen is a very good tool when you want to improve controlling your upstrokes and downstrokes without being wobbly.

(2) Written with the Marvy Le Plume II


The Marvy Le Plume II has a thicker tip than the Pigma, and it is better used in larger projects. However, the ink is not really my liking because as I write, the pen seems to strive like a pen with so little ink in it. You get what I mean? Haha!

(3) The local brushpen I bought from NBS


This brushpen’s writing is just like Le Plume II, but I like the blackness of the ink better than the previous.

(4) Written with Zig Fudebiyori Metallic


The fudebiyori metallic is a brushpen with a glittery ink (thus metallic). The color is super my fave! I totally love the color! Brush tip wise, I love how the tip is flexible despite being a bit thick for my liking. I can easily make upstrokes and down strokes. For now, this is my fave brushpen to use.

Lemme know what you think!

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