The Wandering Lass Essentials: Pens

Accompanying my previous post about the notebooks I use is this post about pens!

My pen obsession dates back to high school. In our class, you are considered an “it” person when you own different colors of the Dong-A Love Pet pens. Over the years, pens have come and gone in my possession. Now let me show the different pens I use.


First up: Mechanical pencils. I am more comfortable in using mechanical pencils. The reason maybe is that I like how it has a rubber grip that avoids it to slip from my hands.

(From top to bottom: Faber Castell Super Econ 0.5; Pilot Color Eno 0.7 in light blue and red; and Mongol grip 0.5)


Everyday pens: (sorry for the blurred photo) I use these pens on a regular basis, whether writing on my planner or taking some notes from listening to the radio.

Top to bottom: Dong-A Fine Tech RT (pink), Dong-A Fine Tech 0.4, Pilot G-Tec C3

Moving on to my fave pens:


Drawing pens: I started using these pens for doing lettering and small sketches.I currently use unipins and microns only. So far the microns are the ones I use more often, especially when I’m doing lettering designs for My shop. Also, I have two brush pens and a calligraphy pen (which I use for filling in blacks). 


Lastly, my colored pens. When I do random doodling o colored lettering, I use these pens. The pens in the lower photo are the ones I received during last Christmas’ house party with my friends. They totally work on my black notebook!!

There they are. My pens. I still have many pens and pencils not included in this post but definitely I have lots! Haha!


Lemme know what you think!

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