The beginning of my journey in calligraphy

Ever since I knew handwriting, I have always been fascinated by letters beautifully written. Back then, I thought the term “calligraphy” was for Chinese characters only.Growing up, I am still showing interest in hand lettering, and for months I have been ogling instagram accounts of Filipino and foreign calligraphers. During our final paper for college, my group mate encouraged me to learn calligraphy, upon seeing Ink Scribbler’s instagram account, she encouraged me to do calligraphy, too. I promised myself then that I will have my own calligraphy materials, and learn it.

The materials:


I was looking for cheap calligraphy starter sets, but I cannot find one! So I looked up on blog posts about calligraphy over the net, and found this post of having your tools for only PHP500! Cool, right?

Above are my nibs, (L-R) Hunt 99, Hunt 101, and Hiro 40. The two Hunt nibs are bought from Deovir together with the straight pen holder, and the Hiro nib is from Craft Central. In my experience, the Hunt nibs are more flexible when usedd, and they produce thicker swells and very beginner-friendly.

As for the notebooks, I am using notebook from Muji. Also, if you can’t find Muji notebooks, you can use Blue Feather notebooks or make a notebook from bond papers which are 80gsm up thick.


Inks and pen cleaner.

I bought an India ink the first time, but I did not like it the first time I used it. So what I did is to mix water and a tube of water color. I’m not sure of the measurements, but I made sure that the consistency of the ink will be cream-like. It is also important that we clean the nibs after use, so I got myself a pen cleaner from Craft Central.

What about learning it?

There are so many calligraphers in Manila and around the world, and also there are tutorials, whether in youtube or pinterest, or near your place. You can also follow calligraphers on their instagram account or blog.

So here ends my first post about calligraphy. I will definitely write more about this journey of mine.

Lemme know what you think!

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