The Wandering Lass’ Essentials: Notebooks

Long time no post! I’m back with a blog post that shares the kinds o notebooks I use for everything that I do that involves pen and paper.

Before we head over to my notebooks, let me share to you my intense obsession with notebooks. Since high school I am a sucker for good quality notebooks. I remember using Cattleya brand notebooks then, and then buying excess notebooks that I don’t even need for anything. Don’t be like the high school me. lol.

Moving on, here are the notebooks I use.

1. Planner – I have always been a fan of calendar and schedule making and planning. I remember having my first planner way back high school, but I did not utilize it properly. College days came, and, by 2013, I got my first Starbucks planner (yeah, well…).

Planners help us track activities, important dates, and to-do lists. Also, when you’re the barkada’s unofficial event planner, you have to have a planner! Lols.

As seen in the photo, I currently use a 2015 Starbucks planner. I have another planner (The Paulo Coelho Alchemy Planner) but serves as a daily checklist of my activities.

2. Black Muji Notebook – I have been eyeing this notebook ever since Muji came to the Philippines, and my desire to have one increased as some of my favorite letterers and artists in instagram recommends the quality of this notebook. I also wanted to have a smaller notebook to sketch on, because my sketch pads were on size A4 or bigger.

My Muji notebook contains sketches and hand lettered quotes and words. Each sketch and hand lettering in this notebook has a date, because I used to do a daily entry of sketches and hand lettering during my last semester in college. It served as my stress reliever from the pressure of being a graduating student.

3. Lined Notebooks – I believe everyone needs a lined notebook for anything-random writing, emergency writing surface for saving numbers and names and such-and it is very useful to have one near you.

As for me, I have many lined notebooks, with different uses.

One is for my ideas, some random things that pop out of my mind. They say that it is best to write any idea that came to your mind so that you will not forget it. So I take that tip seriously. 

Also, I use one for my spiritual musings. I may not be very religious, but since I received a beautiful Christmas gift from my friend, I decided to make use of one of my notebooks for communicating with God daily.


Lemme know what you think!

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