Why now? Why not earlier?

As my graduation comes near, I am looking back on my life since I started college. I was a carefree person (even now, I think), I am a bandwagon bitch (sorry for the term), but my love for art and design has only burned more as a finish college.

I am not graduating with any arts of design related degree, and probably be accepted for a job in the office (as my degree suggests). I am being jittery and anxious about the future during the past week.

Many colleagues and people I meet at coffee shops are appreciating my passion and they encourage me to continue pursuing it. Also there are some things that really hone my talent in art and my skills in PS and photography.

1. Invitations for weddings and different events – I have been commissioned here and there by my cousins to make invitations for my nieces’ birthdays, and currently, I’m in a project to make a wedding invitation! As my updates in my Instagram imply, I am learning watercolor painting and lettering and digitizing simultaneously for this wedding. It is fun because I am learning in the process.

2. Photography sessions – since a twist in my college life happened, I have set aside learning photography. But as my cousin’s wedding is up, not only I was assigned to make the invitations, but also be the photographer for the pre-nuptial shoot. I was so nervous because (a) I haven’t been doing photography for a good six months, and (b) another first! Thankfully, the make-up artist has experienced participating in photo shoots. The photos were good! I was also applauded by the make-up artist for my ideas.

Some photos from the pre-nup shoot. Here are some of my faves too!

3. My constant client-my sister – having lettering and sketching only a hobby before, my sister has always been the one asking to make projects for her ministry in the church. Insert my latest project: A shirt design for the preparation of the Papal Visit in the Philippines on January.


Disclaimer: Pope Francis vector not mine. Got it from 123freevectors.com

Here’s a sample from the designs I made. My sister wanted it to look like there is an image of the Pope and then his quote.

Up to today, I have been constantly asking myself: Why now? Why not before, when I was still deciding what degree I’m going to pursue? Why did I become so focused on the future before?

Then I realized, maybe THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME. Maybe God started showering these blessings today because He knows I am able to share it to people around me.

And for that, I am totally going to pray harder for Him to guide me so that I may be able to show the world His great power and love.


Lemme know what you think!

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