My quick Taiwan Travel Fair experience

These days, I am so busy about having to finish requirements for my last subjects (yes, graduating shit and everything in between). I had to do more school stuff than leisure stuff (but still i do not forget to unwind every once in a while, and also DRAW).

My instagram post was inspired by this experience, so check it out!

I went to SM Megamall yesterday to have my laptop fixed. I badly need it for my feasibility study and other papers, yes. When the tech asked me to come back for it in an hour, I decided to take a walk inside the mall.


As I was strolling on the Lower Ground floor, I saw a bunch of people and orange posters and blaring music from the event center. It was the Taiwan Travel Fair, in which lots of travel agencies and companies from Taiwan and not are gathered to promote Taiwan’s tourism.

There are a few people that afternoon inside the event. They were watching this awesome dance group MHD Diabolo, and I was awed by their diabolo stunts too!




Crushing on the guy on the left! And the one on the right looks like Song Joong Ki’s brother!

After the good diabolo show, the people inside the event was ushered to a side for a DIY project (yes to DIYs!) of pressed flower fans.

The two representatives who taught us pressed flower fans are from Tai-Yi Ecological Leisure Farm, one of the many leisure farms that you can visit in Taiwan.

According to them, the flowers grown in their leisure farm not only serve as beautiful fan decorations, but also contain vitamin c (good for the skin). Yes, the flowers are EDIBLE! Organic flowers for the win!

Here’s what the DIY kit contained: The fan itself, pressed flowers, a toothpick for gluing the delicate flowers, and the transparent film that seals the flowers in place (white square under the fan).

Now, the DIY fun begins!

Here’s my preferred layout! I’m pretty liking clustered flower patterns lately.

After that, I glued every piece in their proper places, and stuck it in the transparent sealant.

Here’s the finished fan! The spots you see are stubborn air bubbles that refuse to leave the fan. And the sealant’s very sticky that the fan should only be put once for it to be covered.

There were other performing groups after the DIY segment, but I had to run back to the tech for my laptop so I was not able to finish the event. But it is fun to go to events like these, because you will learn more about different places.


Lemme know what you think!

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