Mini shoot with my niece

Last Thursday (or Wednesday, can’t remember), me and my sister Geneviev had our daily deal of inviting over our niece, Ayen (or Plong-plong, as I named her). Also, the sunnies I ordered from metrosunnies have just arrived. I had the funny idea of turning our afternoon into a mini shoot.

My niece is cutie, eh? And to think that she just effortlessly does these poses, she really has that model feel. Haha!

Here are my fave shots! Her pout is really powerful over me. Haha!

My sister and my niece, goofin’ around like they always do. Haha! Thanks to my ever reliable sidekick of a sister, who worked as our creative director. Way to go! And she is the person behind the reflection on the sunnies. Hahaha! But every picture turned out to be awesome, eh?

To more afternoons like this. Yay!


Lemme know what you think!

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