My February went like this…

It’s been months since I last blogged here. I have been busy with things in school.

  • On-the-job Training. First Monday of the month, my internship ended. It was a fun experience, though. I get to learn what the people in the office do. And I learned the value of documents, esp. since I was assigned in the Records section of the company. My supervisor is so accommodating, the employees are fun to talk to (even if the age gap is… oh nevermind.), and the experience taught me to have more exposure to people.
  • Seminar. The most fun part of the month! I admit, I may be the laziest committee head in our team, but my members did not follow my lead. They stepped up, even if I didn’t (and that’s good, but my laziness is really bad). We had fun in the five days we created the stage props, new bonds are created. Come seminar day, it was like all the things we did to make it happen just paid off. Happy!

Those were the highlights of my activities during Feb. After this semester, I promise to post new things and more photographs. Ciao~


Lemme know what you think!

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