Frustrations on being 20

Shizz! A week more, and I’m turning 20 already! Time flies really fast. I can remember I was just a high school student buying ice cream with my friends.

As I turn 20, my love for reading has turned me to be nocturnal, again. Haha! But reading before you sleep is a really fun thing for me. Also, taking alternate commuting patterns for me is fun, because you can see places you haven’t, and see different kinds of people. Well, that’s the wandering side of me talking to you.

Also, my realizations are:

  1. Be more adventurous in exploring. I was a very skeptical girl then. I may look like I am brave, but it is my only front. As I look back on my experiences, I learned that trying out things does not really bring harm to me. Learn to let go of our many what ifs.
  2. Be more open in issues around us. Growing up, I was a girl that doesn’t care about what’s happening about things around me, as long as they don’t bother my life. But it is wrong. We should learn to care about those things because they affect us, directly or indirectly.
  3. Take care of yourself. This is one thing I did not do for myself when I was young. I did not care if I look ugly or anything, as long as I’m comfortable. I just do the things I do, not caring about what effects it will have to other people. Turns out that i don’t like how I look and act. So I hope it is not too late to change myself now.
  4. Always appreciate. We are made by God because He loves us. We wake up because He wills us to. He lets the things happen to us because He knows it is what we need. So let us always say our thank yous to Him.
  5. Do not let your inner kid die. We grow up, but we should not forget how to enjoy life like a child. We only live once, we should do what we want so we can have a peaceful eternal slumber, no regrets, no should’ve-would’ve-could’ve. Enjoy moments with loved ones, travel, read books, be geeky, anything. As long as we are happy with that we are doing.

Happy 20 to me! 

Lemme know what you think!

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