DIY Findings: The Beauty of Recycling Beverage Cups

I have always been a recycle freak. Almost half of my things in my room are either tweaked or reused by me. Now I’m featuring one of my fave recycled (or reused, if that is the right term) items, beverage cups.

I have always been an avid coffee junkie and milk tea drinker. Also, I’m a silent advocate of recycling. I believe we should always practice recycling and proper waste management because of the continuous increase of waste that causes clogged waterways during rains and storms resulting in floods ranging to leg-high to even lagpas tao heights.

You can put anything inside the cup (as long as it holds it) so that you can segregate the things inside your room. For example, I used this Starbucks grande sized cup to hold my makeup brushes and pencils, together with my concealers. I also have a separate cup for my pens, cutting materials, and combs.

How to do it? Very easy. You take home your cup, clean it thoroughly (so that the smell of the drink does not stick to the cup, which can attract ants), wipe with tissue or a small rag, and voila! You can put what needs to be arranged properly in it.

Happy recycling! To a greener earth!


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