DIY Findings: DIY Lipstick Organizer

I have been seeing makeup organizers being sold by online shops in Instagram. What caught my attention is that cool lipstick organizer. Then I thought, why not make my own organizer? Though my lipsticks are less than ten, it’s still a headache when my beauty shelf is messy.

What we need:

  • Pencil
  • Exacto knife (or cutter)
  • Liptick with the biggest diameter (so that all of your lipsticks fit in the organizer)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Old wallet box (or boxes with height not exceeding an inch


First step: Take the pencil and the cap of the lipstick.

Trace the cap on the box using the pencil.

Tip: Even if you cannot perfect the tracing, what’s important is you lined them properly on the box.

Step 2: Cutting the traces.

Using the exacto knife or cutter, cut along the lines you made in step 1.

Lai’s trick: when you get to the squares (or circles) beside the ones you have cut already, start cutting the lines near the finished ones, so that you don’t put much pressure on the spaces to cause them to tear.

Here’s how it may look like after you finished cutting. Rough edges? That’s not a problem!

Do you have some old newspapers or gift wrappers not used anymore? we will use them to cover our lipstick organizer and make it stylish!

Put some glue at the top of the lipstick holder and then paste it on the paper you will use.

Cut a small part of the gift wrapper so that we can tape it on the sides of our organizer.

Then tape the sides.

As for the holes, using the cutter, cut the paper into small “pies” then paste it inside.

Ta-daaah! Here’s our finished project with the lipsticks! Happy recycling!


Lemme know what you think!

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