Our Little Get-together


So yeah, my fave gala buddies Kezia and Marvin decided to try eating at Tous Les Jours as our adgenda for the day. TLJ is an international bakery chain from Korea, meaning they sell mainly bread. (Hihihi I thought I’d crack a joke there.)


Being my blogger self (and my gut told me to bring my ever reliable camera, Jet), I took some photos of what’s inside TLJ Cubao. Basically, you’ll see bread when you enter, but the ones being displayed by the window are their cutesy cakes.


A baguette! I suddenly miss those pillows shaped like giant hotdogs. XD

Caaaaaaakes! I think this is the prideof TLJ. All their cakes are just… ugh. So breathtaking! It’s like I feel like looking at them for the longest time ever.

And also, I wanna thank that awesome staff for opening the freezer doors for me to take these shots. These four are my top fave shots, tho.

Macarons! Hihihihi! These cute little ones are just soooo adorbs so much! Love!

My buds, Kezia and Marvin. We were laughing out loud because of our own quirkiness, especially… Hahahaha!

I really wonder if it is a trend to some bread shops to have their kitchen open in public or it is a part of some strategy shizz. *overthinks* This cake was being written on by icing, I think?

After we picked what to eat (which is in the picture above), we settled to Starbucks for some drink to go along with our food. And yes, I really have to include the ever-redundant-Starbucks-drink-stagram photo. Guess where’s mine! XD

That’s me, the frustrated food blogger. XD

Did some camwhoring with my buddies after we eat. And yes, there are wackier photos than those above. I just hid it for private laughing purposes. Ha-ha!

That’s about it I think! I did miss my buddies, and I hope there will be another one like this soon.

P.S. Lume-level-up na kami ah, before, we only sing our heart out in karaoke booths at Tom’s world, pero ngayon, sosyal na kami. HEHEHE


Lemme know what you think!

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