Last Blast Before School Starts

School’s almost here, but me and fellow scholar friends agreed to have a trip to an amusement park before classes.


My co-scholar friends. Hehehe! From left: Kuya Lucas (it’s actually his surname), Kuya Julius, Kuya Bien, and Ate Andrea. We were in line for the bumper boats.


Me and Ate Andrea are already in our own boat, while the boys at the back are in their way. Big smile, Ate! Exited much! Hihihihi!

Yep, we have few photos of our trip because we are sooooo indulged with the rides.

After we had fun in some rides, we decided to eat. Pizza it is!





They guys goofin’ out while ordering our food. Hahahaha! They’re really funny!


Kuya Bien! The birthday boy! It’s actually his birthday that’s why we are celebrating it here! Bigatin yan, taga-UP eh! Mechanical Engineering pa ang course!

After we pig out on the pizza (unfortunately I have no pictures of the food, we are so crazy to eat after a few rides), we tried some arcade games, and what’s so memorable of those arcade games is the shooting. We tried shooting using the pistol, we did not get any point. Haha! Next we tried using the sniper gun.






Our individual photos with the target and our small prize. They all got nine points, I just got eight. I swear I was targeting the bull’s eye there!

My happy haggard face. XD It was soooo windy that day! It almost rained, too. Fortunately it did not.

After pigging out, we plated at Lazer Blazter. It was a very sweaty yet fun experience, since we are split into teams, and the goal is to score points by using laser guns to hit the lit places in the enemy’s body. I got an accuracy of 9, third on our team.

Night arrived. So we decided to go ride the Ferris Wheel. I like how Ferris Wheels have lights on them, they look like giant Christmas lanterns.

The view at the top of the Ferris Wheel. All those tiny lights are a very good scene when you are at the top.

After the Ferris Wheel, we tried some more rides where we screamed out lungs out. This ride (called Star Frisbee, I think) was the last ride we had. And I’m telling you, It is so breathtaking! And it’s true that it gets on 90 degrees while the seats are being rotated. I almost lost my balance after I got off the ride. Phew!

To wrap it up, we had a fun day with the rides and games and everything. Surely I’ll come back for more, given the time (and money. Hehe)


Lemme know what you think!

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