My Saizen Sale Haul

Uhh, this was supposed to be my March post. but was soooo busy. -_-

So, here it is!


Saizen had their Buy 1 Take 1 promo last March 15-22, where you can buy products and take the same one (applicable to some of their products)

Lucky me, I was able to pass by Ali Mall, and here are the things I have bought 🙂


Two long boxes, cutting board, two cutters, and a dragon ornament.


So, speaking of the buy one take one sale, here are the things I bought on the promo.


Here are two plastic boxes (called System Box) where you can put your stuff to have your tale organized. I use these to organize may pens and pencils.


Cutters and cutting board! I got the cutting board for only 44 Pesos! I got these cutters for future crafts and projects.


Dragons! Rawr!

This pair of dragon ornaments only costed 25 Pesos on the sale! It got me attracted when I saw it.


I’m really a fan of sulit buying, and I really had fun in buying these cool but functional things. Till my next post! ♥

Lemme know what you think!

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