Holla my new glasses!

My first blog entry for 2013! Hihihihi! I missed blogging so much, and I vow to have many more adventures to share!

How do you like my new layout? Yeah, my hunter self left me somewhere I don’t know, now I just have my wandering cerebrum and cerebellum with me!

Let us start!


Yeah, my eyes are experienceing blurry views, and I can’t read some distant signs, since I am nearsighted. I was wearing glasses since last year, but my old glasses were not so reliable anymore.


I really thought that those famous eye centers here in the PH have expensive services. But when I went to Ideal Vision Center, that idea was changed. They have very customer-friendly staff, and the doctors will make you at ease during eye checkup. Also the service is fast! We (me and mom) did not waste any minute waiting for us to be entertained!

Now I have a new pair of glasses! Let us see, then!


Here is my new pair! Yay! Frame from Giordano.

My sisters even asked me: “Peke ba iyan ate?” (Is that a fake?) They did not realize that it is my new pair because it looks like the fake ones being sold in the streets.

Going back, let us see some areas I liked in picking this frame.


I picked this one because it is made up mostly of plastic (not heavy for the head), and the size of the lens is just right. It also has stars on the sides. I like stars.


It also has this design of flowers and ribbons on the side. Rocks in the sense that it is not so girly, but still you’ll know it belongs to a girl!

Those glasses is also double coated, meaning my eyes have protection from he scorching sun and the glare from computers and phones. Really cool.


Till my next post!


Lemme know what you think!

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