Girly Things and Such: The Php1000 Challenge

Earlier today, I was asked by my mom to buy my dress for my sister’s party a week from now, and I was given only Php 1000 to buy a dress and a pair of shoes! It was a hard task for me to budget (since I’m not used to it) but I did well! 😀


My baaaaag of goodies! Yes, I’m currently using bags now for shopping, environment-friendly! Awesomeness check: Super Awesome!


Anyway, here is what I picked to wear:



Orange is my color for the party, not really in sync with the theme color of the party. Haha!


How the dress looks like on me. Yeah! Chubby like a boss! XD


This is my most favorite of all my hauls (as of now). That color blocking shoes I just bought for Php 350! Oh come on! Where can you buy this kind of shoes that cheap? Kewl, ne?

That’s my haul for today, and yes, I spent less than my budget! Happy! 🙂

Till my next post!


Lemme know what you think!

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