First Sunday of September

Thus, I’m back!

Hey! It’s September already! Yay! Start of countdown to Christmas! Hoorah!

Didn’t you feel it in the air? Mornings are starting to be cool and evenings, colder? Hahaha!

So anyway, here is my blog entry. Hope you enjoy!

September. A very important month to me. You know why? Let us find out. 🙂

Our family never miss a Sunday without attending a Catholic mass, since my mama and papa are so religious. I’m not like them, but I know how to be grateful and thankful to God. Stating some facts. Let’s skip that part.


The famous Antipolo Cathedral. Yes! Ako po ay taga-Antipolo! Suman and Kasuy, anyone? 🙂

Since my mom is the only one who woke up early (and I’m too lazy to wake up from my sleep), she’s the only one to attend a morning schedule mass. Ayan kasi nagpapalamon sa kama. Hahaha!

So I went to mass in the afternoon with my sister.


Yep. She is my sister. Her name not to be announced here for privacy. And yes, she’s young. Her age is more than 5 years apart from mine.


There are so many people visiting this place every Sunday. Most of them are to attend the mass, some are tourists from many places, and some are… Hmm… I don’t know what their reasons are.


Saw a girl with a rainbow colored umbrella, umaambon na kasi nung kalahati na ng misa… I was looking for that kind of umbrella long ago. Look at the colors! And her dress has awesome prints too!




Cutesy baby shoes! And may I mention that these feet are feet of twins! Yeah! Twinsy-eeeensy!


A trivia: In the first Sunday of the month, before they end a mass, the priest will ask for people who have birthdays and wedding anniversaries in that month to come near the altar to be blessed. Amazing, isn’t it? Sa Antipolo lang ‘yan, I think? Haha!

So yes, I also went near the altar (with my camera, since he’ll be turning a year old), to be blessed. The priest started blessing us through a prayer, then winisikan na kami ng tubig.


It continued to drizzle a after the mass. People with umbrellas rushed out of the cathedral. Good thing I brought my umbrella, too.


So the drizzle stopped. My sister and I decided to buy ice cream on our way home. Yum!

So that’s how the first Sunday of September went for me. How about you?

Till my next post!


Lemme know what you think!

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