Two Long Weekends

Hey! I missed blogging! And now here are things happening in my own world.

I have been thinking of ways how to maximize space in my room. Yes, i have a lot of things and I don’t know what to do to them!

When I have thought of how I will be able to do it, I commenced the mission, since we had a lot of days without classes this last two weeks of August.


Pile of books I have bought from Book Sale. Well, who doesn’t want to buy books at a cheaper price, eh? Kaso nga lang secondhand ang mga yan, kaya mura ang presyo. They have their respective place now in my room, where they are not considered by my mom as kalat.



Yep, this is my workstation. The top picture is the before and the bottom one is the after. I removed the area where there are stuffed toys and small decors are, and as you can see the upper photo is so crowded. After removing, I have covered the table with paper then clear plastic. Result: a neat table with few but important things in it.

The next pictures tell about what I did on Friday and yesterday.


Friday night: I went home from school, and on my way, I found some cross-stitch starter kit. Actually I have known the craft since I was in elementary, but I did not do well then. I started the first half of my cross-stitch project that night, and finished it by Saturday. It is quite fast to finish. And that cross-stitch pattern I did was called “spring”.


A closer lookat my cross-stitch project. I liked how cute the stitches looked, and they are so neat! Also, the different shades of green are so cool! I look forward to make more projects, and I have another pattern already (an anime character).


After I did my cross-stitch project, I rummaged through some rolled paper in my room, which are posters from different Anime/Gaming conventions I have been. As you can see here, what I did is put on some double-sided tape on the posters, and put them on the wall beside my bed. You can also see-in the photo-my favorite female Anime character ever (in the upper right poster).

Well, that’s how I made those days meaningful. Midterms is also up, so I also need to review. Till my next post!


Lemme know what you think!

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